16 & 17 SEPT 2020


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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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    • Wednesday


      11.00 - 11.30

      Jack Christie

      Building a complete Demand Side Response strategy

      Building an effective DSR strategy that maximises value across a portfolio of assets requires a complete understanding of the UK’s different DSR programmes, regulatory and market considerations, and asset suitability. KiWi Power’s DSR expert Jack Christie explores the current state of the UK market, new value streams, legislative changes and how businesses can maximise the benefits of their DSR participation.


      11.45 - 12.15

      Jessica Jefferys

      Building Confidence in SuDS: How hydraulic models can help the mainstreaming of SuDS

      Mainstreaming SuDS involves changing attitudes – moving from resistance, to acceptance, to embracing SuDS. Not just engineers or developers but also communities. The people who live with SuDS. So how we build their confidence? Confidence in the performance of a SuDS structure performance is crucial to the mainstreaming of Sustainable Drainage in the UK. That confidence comes from ensuring the design is built on robust engineering principles, that can be demonstrated with a hydraulic model. Hydraulic modelling allows you to see the optimum position, size and type of the SuDS structure for the site. And ultimately enables you to answer tricky questions with confidence. This presentation will look at how to model complex sustainable drainage systems and will use specific examples and case studies that take advantage of the full range of solutions available to ensure the mainstreaming of SuDS. .


      12.30 - 13.00

      Kemi Adeyeye

      How can we reclaim lost energy in water networks?

      The water industry is the 4th most energy intensive sector in the Atlantic area, responsible for significant contributions to climate change and reductions in competitiveness due to associated costs. How can micro-hydropower (MHP) technology improve the energy efficiency of water networks and save precious resources? Kemi will report on the latest findings from the REDAWN project, exploring the potential for implementation of this technology across the EU Atlantic Area.


      13.15 - 13.45

      Georgina Penfold

      Procuring Power: how to beat the changing costs of energy

      The high cost of energy is often quoted as one of many factors which make it harder for British businesses to compete in a global marketplace. Ongoing reviews into how the electricity networks are paid for as well as wider reviews of the energy retail market are likely to result in very different cost structures filtering down to the end-user, not all of which will be good news for industrial consumers. However, there is something you can do about it. Come, find out what’s likely to change and how to put together an energy strategy to prepare your business and protect your budget.


      15.30 - 16.00

      Mark Coyle

      A journey for the second revolution in customer energy

      Energy has been transformed through competitive choice, better prices and service creating a basis of engagement in smart technology. The next revolution uses the data from consumers, devices and appliances to empower their interaction with energy. Trusted providers will share the benefits of connectivity, flexibility, self-sufficiency & mobility to transform how energy underpins our digital society. Mark will set out the journey, industry changes and a radical new approach needed to keep up with technology innovation.