The FR Forest


The FR Forest

For every exhibitor or sponsor RWM and Future Resource receives, a tree will be planted in our growing UK woodland - The RWM Forest 

The RWM Forest is a fantastic initiative with Forest Carbon that aims to offset the unavoidable CO2 created to make a trade show of this scale possible.

Our partnership with Forest Carbon was created in a bid to help reduce the environmental impact of our exhibition.

As we start our own journey towards sustainability, we are supporting UK woodland creation on behalf of our exhibitors – planting a tree in a woodland area in Cumbrian for every one of them.



  Forest Carbon Logo plant a tree in the RWM forest exhibition

What is the RWM Forest?

Our partners in this programme are Forest Carbon and our 2019 and 2020 commitment comes to 1,100 trees, and they cover just under 2 acres of a much bigger Forest Carbon project in the Lake District. The project is certified by independent auditors under the UK government’s ISO 14065 accredited Woodland Carbon Code, meaning quality assurance and transparency.


Why are we doing this?


Because we have to, and it’s only the start. As an organisation with an important role to play in disseminating innovation and best practice across the environmental sector, we want to do our bit by reducing our footprint where possible, and we welcome any initiatives to further our commitment to sustainability


Where is the RWM Forest going to be?

We have our own patch of land in the UK’s Lake District.

RWM forest lake district

Who are Forest Carbon?

Forest Carbon are the UK’s leading carbon woodland developer – planting new UK woodlands for capturing carbon dioxide, and creating new ecosystems. Since 2006, Forest Carbon and partners (including Microsoft and Kier) have created over 8 million trees in 170 new woodlands, that will capture over 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. RWM wants to contribute to this future carbon capture.


How to plant your tree!

The RWM Forest will grow with each new exhibitor and sponsor we receive. What’s more, it doesn’t cost you anything - consider it an added bonus for becoming part of our show.

From the moment you join RWM and Future Resource Expo, we will assign a tree in your name for Forest Carbon to plant.

You will receive an official Forest Carbon PDF certificate and we will also provide you with all the artwork you need to proudly promote your involvement.