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Reliable and secure wireless technology for IoT

Reliable and secure wireless technology for IoT

IQRF would like to present information on proven technology that is used in many different types of IoT projects. Developed in Europe more than 15 years ago, this wireless technology works in a MESH topology on an unlicensed free band and, thanks to its unique routing, can transmit data even in a problematic and interfering environment.

IQRF® Technology



(since 2017 – IQRF Tech s.r.o., MICRORISC spin-off)


50nA – 20mA, depending on the actual operational mode

Origin of technology

2004, in the Czech Republic

Network routing

IQMESH® protocol, synchronized directional flooding


Česká hlava (2014)


Multilayer, based on industrial standards (AES-128)

Technology website


Number of devices in the IQMESH network

Up to 240 (1 coordinator + 239 nodes)

Operating system


Number of hops

Up to 240


IQRF transceivers – different types

IQMESH® network types


RF band

Free sub-GHz ISM band, multichannel

(433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz,…)


Up to 64 B

RF range

Depending on RF band, antenna type and environment

  • hundreds of meters in open space

  • tens of meters in buildings

Feature for mass and fast network control (data acquisition, device control, result verification)

Fast Response Command (FRC®)

RF bitrate

19.8 kb/s

Communication protocol in IQMESH® network

Direct Peripheral Access (DPA)

  • simple byte-oriented protocol

  • distribution in the form of plug-ins

Network construction - methods

Local bonding, AutoNetwork,
IQRF Smart Connect

Product certification for IQRF Interoperability

Performs the IQRF Alliance for its members

Because IQRF® works in a MESH network, in which all devices (if you do not deny it in a configuration) repeat the transmitted message, there is a high probability that the message will reach the furthest points of your network.

For collecting small data, which is usually sensory or status values from the device, or for remote control of devices, a transfer rate of 20 kbps is fully sufficient. 

IQRF devices can be put to a sleep mode during their inactivity and thus save energy. Thanks to precise "sleeping", the devices then awake exactly at the time when you plan to read their data. IQRF® transceivers are capable to cover large areas – the range may be a few tens of kilometers.

Of course, a data transfer is secured as well as adding new devices to a network, it's based on AES-128 encryption. The selected data can also be encrypted for transmission outside the IQRF® network, using functions of the embedded operating system.

Normally, IQRF® is used to transmit data from indoor air sensors, occupancy sensors in parking lots, for lighting inside large buildings or for street lighting. It is often used in industrial applications where it is chosen for its reliability and safety.

To communicate with other devices used in common computer networks, you need the IQRF Gateway. This gateway is also commonly used to provide local autonomy. The gateway can be connected to the cloud and you can send the acquired data from the IQRF network here, or the IQRF network can be remotely controlled via the cloud application. In case of a remote connection failure, the local IQRF network functionality is maintained thanks to the IQRF Gateway.

Manufacturers that certify their products for IQRF Interoperability in the IQRF Alliance are sure their devices can easily be integrated into complex networks. Unified and predictable communication with such devices makes creating a complex solution a matter of hours instead of months.

Technology website: www.iqrf.org

YouTube channel with tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC8UA0YTG7A&list=PLEQy1I01En9--rYrRUcYgF6WE_q9jjDlV