16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's leading Sustainability and Energy Management event




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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Youth Strike For Our Future

Today marks another UK based #SchoolStrike4Climate, to protest against the lack of Government action around the World in combating our climate crisis. The protests will be running in conjunction with strikes in over 30 countries around the World. In March, over 1.4 million young people around the World took part in the strikes, walking out of schools in 2,233 cities and towns in 128 countries globally, all with the common aim to raise awareness of the climate crisis we find ourselves in today.

The UK Student Climate Network has set out a list of ‘demands’ that the Government should act on. These include the Government declaring a climate emergency and prioritise the protection of life on Earth, a reform of the national curriculum to address the crisis and to communicate the severity of the ecological crisis with the general public. If the demands are taken up, then the evolution of the renewable energy industry will be greatly impacted.

It has been estimated that children born in 2019 will have to live a life with a drastically lower carbon footprint than someone born in the 1950s in order for climate change to be controllable. As we already know, vast cuts in global emissions from energy, transport, and food are needed in order to keep temperature rises between the 1.5-2 degree target set in the Paris Agreement set back in 2016 (UN Climate Change). The new, young generation will be required to have a lifetime carbon footprint approximately 90% smaller than their family born 70 years ago, a deeply unfair, yet essential necessity (Guardian).

In order to encourage carbon emission cuts, Future Resource is committed to showcasing the latest environmentally friendly practices at the UK’s leading event for energy and water efficiency in its five zones, which include the Renewables Zone, Energy From Waste, and the Zero Emissions Zones. Future Resource is full of exhibitors that have the common aim of encouraging businesses and individuals to reduce their impact on the environment by not contributing unnecessarily to climate change. For example, Northern Gas and Power Ltd offer and deliver services to businesses that allow them to find renewable electricity sources for their offices and equipment - lowering their impact on the environment. Furthermore, Off Grid Energy offers energy solutions for customers off of the National Grid with power sources that have minimal or zero environmental impact.
If your business wants to join Future Resource in showcasing low-carbon emitting products and technologies that will reduce businesses impact on the environment, make sure you exhibit at the show. You will be advertising your products in front of 22,000 decision makers from business from around the UK. If you’d like to inquire or even just receive a copy of the latest floorplan so you can see available spaces and which companies have already secured their stand, then please get in touch with Pete Longley on 0117 929 6083 or pete.longley@prysmgroup.co.uk or online here.