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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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What Next for UK Renewable Energy?

As of the 17th of January, it was announced that Japanese giants Hitachi are pulling the plug on a £20 billion nuclear power station in Anglesey, Wales according to the BBC. Not only will it leave Hinkley Point power station in Somerset as the only Nuclear reactor being built in the UK, it will also jeopardise 9000 jobs. A similar situation arose in November, when Toshiba halted its plans to fund a nuclear power station in Moorside, Cumbria.

This being said, traditional fuels still make up the majority of the UK’s power generation, with over 14.2 million tonnes of coal being consumed every year. So Hitachi’s withdrawal will be a major blow to the UK’s plans to cut carbon emissions in line with European and Government sanctions. With energy consumption on the rise and with the failure to secure two new nuclear power stations, the UK will have to find an alternative source for its energy needs as there are continued plans to move away from the more traditional energy sources.This was something discussed at the Future Resource Expo by Natalie Bennett, the former leader of the Green Party.

This news would be a negative for many, however, those who work the renewable energy industry are seeing it as a massive opportunity. There is now a large hole in the UK’s clean energy market, which foreign investors want to pump billions of pounds into. This should give companies who produce clean and sustainable energy a massive boost as they have the opportunity to secure huge contracts from the Government and other foreign businesses. As reported by Energy Voice, the UK is starting to see more of a shift towards renewable energy with a new record for green power being set. Over a third of the UK’s electricity came from renewable sources in 2018, with wind power accounting for 17% of the total power produced.

This development can be viewed in a negative way. There are 9000 jobs at risk and there is the potential for energy input to outstrip output. However, the potential for renewable energy projects to plug this gap is great. Not only with they provide jobs for businesses and their workers, they will enable the UK to hit the strict clean energy sanctions put in place by the leadership.

The Future Resource Expo will be the place to be if your business is a provider of renewable and sustainable energy solutions. Your business will be platformed in front of thousands of relevant visitors who have an interest in the future of British clean energy. Play your part in turning the UK into a global leader in renewable energy use.

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