16 & 17 SEPT 2020


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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Zero Emissions Zone Will Drive Cleaner Britain

Diesel Gate back in 2015 proved that emissions are a bigger problem than we ever once considered due to the amount of vehicles currently on our roads producing more emissions than is legal, but when cars make up only 12% of EU CO2 emissions, it’s clear that the problem runs far deeper than previously thought. Whilst Diesel Gate revealed that huge brands as trustworthy as VW were ignoring emissions targets, there is still a remaining 88% of emissions being made up by businesses, industries and homes. Finding a way to stem all of these unnecessary emissions is essential for the sake of the future, despite the attention only being on cars. 

It was Natalie Bennett at Future Resource 2018 who made the argument for sustainability targets to be made achievable both economically and socially. As the realisation that cities like Manchester, London, Leeds and Nottingham are all over the 10 micrograms of Fine air Particulate pollution per cubic metre as well as a number of cities producing pollution at the limit, there remains a desperate need to not only change, but to change intelligently and efficiently. With the discussion already taking place at Future Resource and the neighboring events, it was a clear decision to expand on the discussion and allow a dedicated space to champion the tech that the industry is expected to become reliant upon.

The Zero Emissions Zone has been brought to the forefront thanks to the success of suppliers at Future Resource 2018 and 2019. Wth the inclusion of a dedicated zone for zero emissions products, the potential for further success for all zero emissions products at Future Resource 2020 is incredibly exciting. Another year of environmental law changes on the horizon thanks to a year of climate extremes will likely drive a huge need for zero emissions products, and Future Resource will be the place to be for any and all product needs. 

Enquiring now will ensure that you’re front and centre in a zone that will become one of the busiest parts of Future Resource 2020. Alongside the ability to show off and test your products on the test track, and also the potential for speaking slots to champion the continuously improving zero emissions tech, Future Resource will be a prime example of how important environmentally-minded products will become in the future.

If you wish to enquire about getting involved with the Zero Emissions Zone, get in contact with Nick Woore on 0117 929 6083, or at nick.woore@prysmgroup.co.uk.