Sustainable Urban Energy Ltd

Stand: 5-X230
Our patented turbine technology can be utilised in multiple applications and can change the aspects of the urban environment. Cities hold 55% of the world`s population with 80% subject to air pollution. They are responsible for 70% of the world`s carbon emissions and are 100% reliant on electricity. We are not going to solve climate change by `off-setting` carbon emissions, by carbon credits, treaties or fines. This is a global problem which requires action. Sustainable Urban Energy is finalising design for the SUE turbine system which is the size of a satellite dish with `Plug and play` technology, in just a few hours the turbine is up and running. With an installed capacity of just 500 watts, each domestic turbine can reduce annual emissions by 800 Kg and save the homeowner around £230 per year. It can be fitted to any type of structure. Houses, tower blocks, bridges, hospitals and shopping malls. Which means businesses can benefit. Multiple turbines can reduce carbon emissions and provide a competitive edge through financial savings. Sustainable Urban Energy aims to provide the facilities for everyone and anyone to tackle climate change saving billions of pounds on additional infrastructure and construction costs, saving billions of pounds on health related illnesses due to air pollution and enable a quicker transition to an all-electric society.


42 South Victoria Dock Road
United Kingdom

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