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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

Free Tickets

Do you want to save the planet?


Developing technology for the world's NEXT energy transition 2.0

A German-American company, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, developing and licensing technology which converts the non visible spectrum of solar and cosmic radiation 24/7 over a proces called 'atomic vibrations in nano materials' into electrical energy. The energy of the future! Your's too!!

With regard to renewable energy, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to use electrical energy generated by wind turbines with continuous wind? Or to be able to use the energy of the sun continuously, through photovoltaic, without being dependent on day or night, clear or cloudy, no shade or shadow? You can stop wondering. The answer to the second question is NEUTRINOVOLTAIC through neutrino energy technology by the Neutrino Energy Group.

By bringing together many developments and new insights in the field of physics, nanotechnology and materials science, the Neutrino Energy Group has succeeded in providing answers to the challenges in the current energy transition. Uncertainties such as the presence of wind, the number of hours a day the sun shines require storage capacity to be able to temporarily store the energy generated for later use in the absence of sufficient wind and sun. This dependence on wind and sun and the need for storage is removed by applying the Neutrino Energy Technology.

Photovoltaic uses less than 10% of the sun's total radiation, the part of the visible spectrum, and this for just a few hours a day. Neutrinovoltaic, on the other hand, uses the remaining part, more than 90%, of the solar radiation, the part of the invisible spectrum and this 24 hours a day. Both outside and inside objects.

Scientifically speaking, one speaks of 'atomic vibrations in nano materials'. By applying patented and specially developed thin films, it is possible to provoke weak interactions between radiation particles and molecules of very dense materials such as silicon, carbon and graphene.

At the beginning of 2015, the Neutrino Energy Group had already published its theory on the conversion of non-visible cosmic radiation into usable energy, and this was then indirectly corroborated by the research of the Nobel Prize laureates in Physics in 2015 who proved that neutrinos possess mass. Two years later, scientists from the University of Chicago were able to demonstrate that neutrinos are actually able to cause molecules to move, and this finding represents the very foundation of neutrinovoltaic technology.

Collision with extremely dense Matter

Similar to the process by which wind causes the blades of a windmill to spin, neutrinos can set molecules in motion. However, in order to do this, the neutrinos must strike an extremely dense material. As they penetrate this material, they give up a small portion of their kinetic energy. Enormous numbers of neutrinos bombard each point of our planet in an uninterrupted stream: 24 hours a day and thus even in total darkness. It is estimated that approximately 60 billion neutrinos pass through a square centimeter of the earth`s surface each second.

Under normal conditions, neutrino activity cannot be perceived, because the materials which are to be found in nature are not dense enough to be affected by them on a regular basis. Some scientists speculate, however, that neutrinos do in fact influence or even cause certain biological processes, even though they presently remain unnoticed. Incontrovertible is the fact that neutrinos make up a massive amount of the energy of our universe. The challenge for future generations is to tap this energy by means of NEUTRINOVOLTAIC technology.

In cooperation with highly specialized material researchers, the Neutrino Energy Group has succeeded in developing and patenting a material that is dense enough to be affected by neutrinos (Atomic Vibrations at Nano Materials). The cores of NEUTRINOVOLAIC cells will be made of precisely this substance.

Vertical and horizontal Impulses

In order to attain the required effect, several extremely thin layers of spiked graphene and silicon are applied to a suitable substrate. When neutrinos pass through these layers, they are not captured, but they do give the graphene vertical impulses, while the silicon particles are caused to move in a horizontal direction. When the layers are of an optimal thinness, these atomic vibrations create a resonance that is carried over to the substrate, and the resulting kinetic energy can be converted into electricity. The larger the area, the more power is produced, and even a simple calculation suffices to demonstrate that enough electricity can be produced to one day render power cables and electrical sockets things of the past.

One of the most promising Approaches

`We are presently in the 21st century: Space travel is a reality; surgeons operate using lasers; and we all have smartphones with touchscreens. But when it comes to energy production, we are, figuratively speaking, still standing in a phone booth that only takes coins and has a rotary dial.`

`We need to create opportunities for innovation, not block them with an overemphasis on tradition and fear! In this context, the motto is: The necessity for a technological revolution in the field of energy production cannot be asserted clearly enough - or often enough.`

`The greatest dangers at this time are climate change and the extreme weather conditions that result from it. Our climate and the wellbeing of future generations cannot tolerate further delay. It is time to put the latest scientific findings into practice! NEUTRINOVOLTAIC technology offers undreamed-of possibilities in the field of energy production. It is one of the most promising approaches in the worldwide development of energy technology.`

Patent Number WO2016142056A1

In order to fully utilize the energy of cosmic radiation - neutrino radiation in particular - newer, firmer, harder, and at the same time more elastic composites must be developed, because they play a critical role in converting the kinetic energy arising from the collision of neutrinos with molecules into electricity. In this context the Neutrino Energy Group points ou to a patent submitted under the number WO2016142056A1 and states that after the completion of extensive laboratory testing, practical solutions need to be developed that will make it possible to use the renewable and virtually unlimited electricity that can be gained from this technology. The Neutrino Energy Group also makes it clear that these new approaches will require new methods and thought processes. According to the Neutrino Energy Group, the implementation of this environmentally friendly technology will ultimately lead to a revolution in the field of energy production and also to a stabilization of the global climate.

NEUTRINOVOLTAIC with Neutrino energy
by the Neutrino Energy Group

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