Steven Ogden & Ashley Robb

Green Gain Limited

Steven Ogden is a Director at Green Gain with 18 years’ experience in the waste and resource management sector. He has worked extensively with the food sector with many leading manufacturing and hospitality names, and is a key consultant for WRAP and Zero Waste Scotland on innovative food waste valorisation projects.

Ashley Robb is a Green Gain Director with 20 years’ experience in the environment sector and full Chartered Membership of the Institute of Wastes Management (MCIWM). Ashley has extensive experience of working with the hospitality sector on food waste reduction and management, and delivers support to Zero Waste Scotland to help commercialise a range of innovative businesses operating in the bio-economy.

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Getting value from hard to avoid food waste through valorisation

Valorisation is the process of adding value to wastes and by-products, converting them into useful products, including chemicals, materials, and fuels. This approach is attracting renewed interest in the food sector due to the fast depletion of natural and primary resources, and the need for more sustainable and cost-efficient waste management protocols. This presentation explores the scale of the opportunity, examples of businesses already innovating in this space, and how you can get involved.


  • Russ Blaber: Speaking at the Future Resource Expo

    Russ Blaber - Co-locating Battery Storage with Hydropower Generation

  • Cameron Welsh: Speaking at the Future Resource Expo

    Cameron Welsh - User-led energy: rebuilding the electricity industry using customer-side resources

  • Helen Bentley-Fox: Speaking at the Future Resource Expo

    Helen Bentley-Fox - Burning wood – good or bad?

  • Charles Coe: Speaking at the Future Resource Expo

    Charles Coe - Energy procurement in the construction industry – Lessons Learnt

  • Ant Wilson: Speaking at the Future Resource Expo

    Ant Wilson - Coming Soon...