Stephen McCulloch

DMT Environmental Technology

Being in the biogas industry for over a decade, Stephen McCulloch has an excellent track record and has proven himself in the in biogas upgrading industry. He has led pioneering work on ground-breaking gas to grid projects in the UK. Many of them are an example for the industry and have become a benchmark for other upgrading projects.

His creativity makes him excel in technology identification which has led to the opening of new market segments and the enhancement of business cases.

Stephen excels in areas including financial viability of major projects, technology identification and biomethane fuel supply chain maturity and works tirelessly with industry influencers and government bodies to create a successful infrastructure for the biomethane to grid market.

Appointed UK Business Director for DMT Environmental Technology in 2017, Stephen is working on delivering a number of projects following this year’s RHI announcement.

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Challenges and opportunities for biomethane production

Developing a project can be complicated and usually takes a long time from idea to execution. The presentation at the seminar talks about what steps to take to a successful biogas upgrading project; financing, feedstock, off take and feasibility. In the presentation we will show some of the challenges and but more importantly how to tackle them.