Scott Edy

The Phoenix Works

Scott Edy is Business Development Manager for The Phoenix Works, specialist installers and operators of plug-in vehicle charging equipment, solar PV systems and energy storage solutions.

Scott has specialised in plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure since the mainstream market began. Prior to this, he was an electric vehicle product specialist for Nissan GB. Scott''s background in retail and consumer technology has helped him educate, train and empower both commercial & domestic clients for over 15 years.

Using the combined experience of The Phoenix Works, Scott is able to provide the most technologically advanced solutions on the market, tailored to individuals requirements.

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Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Fue-l - Open to everyone!

From how charging facilities are procured, installed and maintained, to the end user experience; we’ve seen what does and doesn’t work. The Phoenix Works believe in true, open and interoperable networks, correct placement and the appropriate charging levels. The Phoenix Works explains how both the host and end user can benefit from smarter charging.


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