Sarah Klymkiw


Sarah is an educator having worked for over a decade in the research, development and delivery of creative projects, education programmes and campaigns to raise awareness of the social and environmental issues in the fashion industry. She has worked with brands, universities, art institutions, community groups and local authorities to engage and empower others to work on creative interventions that explore an alternative consumption and more sustainable relationship with our clothes. With an interest in consumer psychology and cultures of consumption; specialisms include cross-discipline collaboration through participatory activity and action based projects exploring materials reuse, skill-sharing, repair and redesign.

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Can We Fix Our Relationship With Our Clothes?

Whilst there have been positive steps towards integrating sustainability into the production stages of the fashion industry, these are negated by increasing levels of consumption in the United Kingdom. In this talk Sarah will explore ways through education, grassroots campaigns, collaborations, creative interventions and community engagement that we can address the over-consumption and end of life of clothing to be part of the solution.


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