Russ Blaber

Cobalt Project Management Limited

Russ is the owner and Director of Cobalt Project Management Ltd. With a Civil Engineering background, he has technical construction knowledge and considerable experience across all sectors including education, health, leisure, residential, commercial, renewables and energy storage.

He brings enthusiasm and sound management principles to all projects. His personable approach and reputation for client focused Project Management has resulted in numerous repeat commissions.

To date, he has project managed five hydropower projects with power outputs up to 500kW through to a successful completion and managed follow on projects to co-locate battery storage units with two of the schemes. A third battery co-location is expected to progress in the coming months.

Separately, he has managed the design and construction of a standalone, grid connected 10MW battery storage barn. Other similar projects are currently in progress.

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Co-locating Battery Storage with Hydropower Generation

During the past year, Cobalt has been working with its client, Barn Energy, to deploy storage units alongside two hydropower schemes; at Thrybergh, on the Rover Don near Rotherham and at Knottingley, on the River Aire near Wakefield. This is the first time that battery storage units have been deployed in the UK in combination with low-head river hydro schemes.


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