Nick Cliffe

Innovate UK

Nick is interim Head of Materials at Innovate UK, the team de-risks commercialisation of advanced materials and resource efficiency projects on behalf of the UK Government.

He has a particular focus on resource efficiency, circular economy and sustainability - embedding these themes across Innovate UK strategy and competitions, helping innovators consider the wider environmental and societal drivers of their markets and supporting UK businesses in exploring new manufacturing methods and business models.

Nick’s background in resource efficiency and circular economy was gained across 15 years in industry, he worked for Closed Loop Recycling and Closed Loop Environmental Solutions where he managed projects such as launching a range of on-site food composting machines in the UK, a paper cup recycling service and a large waste auditing program for Heathrow Airport and various airlines.

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Plastics innovation: towards zero waste / Innovation support the Resources and Waste Management sector

Plastics innovation: towards zero waste: The seminar will present the UK Research and Innovation work on programmes related to solving the challenge of plastic pollution by creating a more circular economy for polymers, it will also introduce the Plastic Research and Innovation Fund, a £20M program of funding to support plastics innovation.

Innovation support the Resources and Waste Management sector: The seminar will introduce UK Research and Innovation, Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network and provide an overview of the support for business-led research and development projects available to UK companies working in the recycling and waste management sector.


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