Natalie Bennett

Green Party

Natalie Bennett was the leader of the Green Party from 2012-2016, leading it to its best-ever election result in 2015. She now lives in Sheffield and continues to work fulltime with the party, focusing particularly on energy issues, food security and farming policy, making Britain a democracy, universal basic income, and on Northern and Midlands issues. Previously she was editor of the Guardian Weekly. She’s unusual in politics in having a science degree.

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Sustainable Development Goals: How to prevent the next 100 Dieselgates?

Dieselgate demonstrates that government policies and corporate actions can’t just consider climate change, as crucial an issue as that is. You are going to be judged on the complete social and environmental impacts of your choices – and the Sustainable Development Goals provide an international agreed framework for doing that, for bringing much needed systems thinking into a siloed world.


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