Michael Groves


Michael is the founder of Topolytics, a waste data analytics business. He is a Geographer with a PhD in geo-information and remote sensing with over 20 years experience in environmental management and sustainability reporting. Michael’s expertise and capability in environmental data, sensing and real time reporting is recognised internationally. Topolytics is, according to Cleantech Group (the Gartner for cleantech) at the forefront of the growing ''smart waste'' sector. In February 2018, Topolytics was invited to join the Ellen MaCarthur Foundation CE100, as one of the world’s leading circular economy innovators.

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Putting the smart into waste

A wave of new technologies is changing and disrupting manufacturing, logistics, financial services and many other sectors. Waste management and recycling is no exception and this seminar will explore some of the Industry 4.0 innovations changing the sector and driving waste reduction and increasing the utility of this material.