Keith Trower


Keith Trower joined Viridor in August 2015, taking over management of Viridor’s Resource Management (VRM) division. VRM is the arm of business responsible for the marketing and sale of 1.6M tonnes per annum of recyclates arising from Viridor’s fleet of Mixed Recycling Facilities, dedicated paper plants, glass recycling units and polymer and plastics facilities.

Recyclates include an extensive range of recycled paper, glass cullet, plastics, polymers and metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous.

As an in-house trading division, VRM provides services to UK, European and Global clients delivered by a specialist trading team supported by a quality assurance unit and operations back office.

On joining Viridor, Keith’s early portfolio involved a review of Energy Recovery residues and establishing long-term partnerships, ensuring 100% recycling solutions. This was followed by leading a review of the future Viridor glass strategy, identifying what investments are appropriate in the context of Viridor’s supply chain and market requirements.

Prior to joining Viridor, Keith spent 18 years trading oil and gas with BP and has led teams in the energy, petrochemicals, insurance and financial services sectors, and professional standards bodies.

In addition to his Viridor responsibilities, Keith is Vice President of the Recycling Paper Division of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), representing the United Kingdom.

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Challenges for the Plastics recycling market and global recycling agenda

The solutions to the global plastics crisis involve close cooperation between the designers, collectors and recyclers of packaging so that high-quality recycled plastics can be re-used at high recycled content levels. Viridor is a founding member of the WRAP Plastics Pact and has joined forces with UK retailers, brand owners and packaging manufacturers to deliver circular economy solutions that overcome long-standing obstacles, including black plastics recycling.