John Bayley


I am a Director of Euro label printers Limited and have supplied durable labels and tags to local authorities for many years. We have always been involved in the printing of permits but soon realised that this was a small part of council’s requirements. Because I am from an IT background and a digital engineer at heart this ignited a passion in me to develop a cloud-based portal to enable councils to be able to let someone else take over the whole management of the project from start to finish freeing up valuable time. I launched the PermiServ service to harness the combined technologies of digital print, direct-mail and the web. PermiServ is a simple, secure platform to deliver garden waste permits direct to residents with minimal management intervention while maintaining complete visibility so that the local authority stays in control.

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Bringing web-based technology to garden waste

We will be demonstrating how Permiserv has brought technology to garden waste services for councils around the UK. Using a cloud-based portal we will highlight how this brings traceability, efficiency and accountability to councils and residents alike. We will show how Permiserv offer the full service from data upload to a permit led solution. We will show how we have worked with councils from the very beginning and present our knowledge to assist in this project from envelope design – to working with inhouse CRM systems.


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