Dr Iza Radecka

University of Wolverhampton

With an MSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Silesia, Iza first specialised in anatomy and histology (interactions between heavy metals and enzymatic activity in brain tissue). Following roles included a Junior Researcher in the Institute of Polymer Chemistry at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Zabrze, and a PhD researcher/lecturer post at the University of Silesia (Katowice), focussed on microbial biotechnology concerning the production of biodegradable polymers by bacteria under different environmental conditions.
Iza joined the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton in September 2000. Since then she has continued her research into the production of biodegradable plastics from bacteria. Her research is focused on the cost-effective production of novel bio-based polymeric from waste. Iza has published numerous research papers in highly ranked scientific journals, authored several chapters in biotechnological books. Iza has also given a broad number of invited lectures at international conferences.

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Development of Biodegradable Polymers

Naturally-occurring bacterial polymers have an enormous potential as they can be produced from renewable biogenic sources under well controlled conditions and they are efficiently biodegraded. Applying novel biotechnological and chemical approaches, to transform bio-based macromolecules into molecules with high added value, we have developed appropriate methods to enable design of new biodegradable and bioactive oligomers for diverse applications in medicine, the cosmetic industry and agriculture.


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