Carl Gurney


Carl Gurney is the Renewable Energy Director at Jelf. He has over 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry and leads a team of renewable energy executives. Carl sits on ADBA’s executive advisory board, is an active member on ADBA’s steering groups and was instrumental in helping deliver the AD Certification Scheme. He also works closely with the REA, heading up Jelf’s affinity relationship. Carl writes for renewable energy sector publications, speaks at events and provides insurance and risk management advice for a number of funders and operators.

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Anaerobic digestion plants - mitigate, manage and insure your risks

Carl Gurney provides an overview on how to understand, manage, mitigate and insure the risks associated with anaerobic digestion and biogas plants.

The industry needs a stronger voice when developing legislation with government and regulators, and your plant can help. Get advice to manage your plant effectively and address risks, to provide a model environment to build future development. Plus, improve the productivity of your plant and ultimately improve your return on investment.


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