Angus Sangster

International Fire Consultants Ltd

I became involved in the Waste Industries Safety and Health Forum in 2012. I was a serving Senior Officer in London Fire Brigade. I was a Hazardous Materials and Environmental Protection office with a national emergency response function and a qualified Fire Engineer. I led teams that designed and delivered the WISH real fire test program. In 2015 I retired from the Fire Service and joined IFC ltd as a Senior Fire Engineer. I have helped a number of clients within the waste sector develop bespoke solutions to FPP requirements. Since leaving the fire service I completed the real fire testing program. I continue to provide technical advice to the National Fire Chiefs Council and the WISH group. I am currently developing solutions for the built environments employed in the waste industry. I also provide advice to clients with regard to fire engineered solutions for other industrial and residential applications.

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How Fire Research may influence the Build Environment

The presentation explores the practical application of the Waste Industries Safety and Health Forum real fire test program. The presentation will show how the built environment can be designed to meet the challenges of the waste management sector in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way that minimises the negative impacts on the business model of the operator.


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