Alan Sheen

Eurodome Ltd

Following a Chemistry degree at Birmingham Alan joined BP becoming De-Icing Business Manager. Joining Salt Union at their Winsford mine in 1995 he began work on identifying optimum method of storing bulk road deicing salt, including a 20 year PFI scheme with Norfolk CC installing and managing 7 Eurodome® salt barns. In 2007 he became a Director of Dome UK Ltd and since then has been responsible for the design and installation of over 70 bulk storage barns of various types and the development of sophisticated sheeting systems. In 2017 with his co-Director Lucas Hooijenga the commercial, manufacturing and IP around the unique Eurodome® timber barn were pulled together in the formation of Eurodome Ltd.

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Bulk Storage – Overview of available options

Bulk Storage and Material handling are key elements in the Recycling and Waste Management operation. During the presentation Alan will touch on the main steps of a design and build of bulk storage solutions. The presentations will include a non commercial comparison of various options of bulk storage. This will help attendees to make balanced choices and a ensure a smooth building process once on site.