Energy Storage Journal

The Energy Storage Journal (business and market strategies for energy storage and smart grid technologies) is a quarterly B2B publication that covers global news, trends and developments in energy storage and smart grid markets.

Worldwide growth in renewable energy generation capacity, electricity-powered transportation and fast growing cities in developing economies will drive exponential growth in energy storage and smart grid technologies, products and applications in the coming years.

ESJ is a key source of information to enable your business or organization to keep track of these dynamic industries and the multitude of new opportunities they present.

Each issue includes:
▪ Global news round-up
▪ Exclusive in depth features on new and promising energy storage applications and technologies
▪ Case studies of advances in energy storage production to bring high performance, cost effective energy storage products to market
▪ Analysis and forecasts on different energy storage markets and technologies from leading consultants and experts in the field
▪ Examination of policy around the world that is enabling investment and growth in energy storage and smart grid technologies
▪ Updated events calendar


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