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Gresham House

Gresham House is a specialist alternative asset manager, focusing on providing funds, direct investments and tailored investment solutions including co-investment across five highly differentiated alternative investment strategies (New Energy, Forestry, Housing & Infrastructure, Private Assets and Strategic Public Equity). From a standing start in December 2014, the new management team has transformed the formerly property focused investment trust on which Gresham House`s 160-year heritage was founded, into an established specialist asset manager, focusing on the growth area of alternative assets and seeking alignment with its clients to provide maximum transparency and engagement. Through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, the team has significantly grown the Gresham House business; assets under management now exceed £1.5 billion, providing a strong and scalable platform from which to continue to grow.

In addition to several timely acquisitions, the management team re-established the company through a new issue of equity and fund raising in the public markets, addressing the identifiable opportunity of investors increasing their allocations to alternative investments as they expand their investment horizons both in timeframe and universe. The goal to generate superior risk-adjusted returns and income yield has been a driving influence of both the focus on alternative assets and the establishment of Gresham House as a specialist asset manager. Value creation for shareholders and investors, sustainable in the long term and delivered by a highly experienced investment team, is a key strategic goal.

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